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I believe in finding beauty in everyday life and in making jewelry that feels great to wear. 

Patsy Kay Jewelry was founded by me, Patsy Kolesar. I make one-of-a-kind art jewelry pieces for international exhibitons, but it's the thoughtfully crafted simplicity of my Patsy Kay line which are my go-to's for daily wear. All pieces are hand-made from pure materials, copper, recycled sterling silver, and natural gemstones and made in my Vancouver, BC, studio.  

I have been making jewelry professionally for 10 years and have a lifetime love affair with all things beautiful. The Patsy Kay line was sparked by the love of old objects and peeling paint. It came into full fruition when I was doing an artist residency in Europe and fell in love with red roofed houses and rusty metal architecture. 

I work with a small team of amazing people who help me with marketing, photography, and jewelry production. I find beauty in my everyday life by savouring my first sip of dark coffee in the morning, stopping to pet the neighbourhood cats on my walk to the studio, and making sure I look at and appreciate that tiny peak of mountain view I can see from my living room window.